CONDE NAST DIGITAL MEDIA KIT: helps people make better food choices by providing unbiased dietary information. Tapping into the USDA's National Nutrient Database and information from restaurants and food manufacturers, the site makes it easy for users to click to a complete nutritional analysis for any food or recipe. Along with advice from Nutrition Data's chief nutritionist, Monica Reinagel, tools such as a daily needs calculator, side-by-side food comparisons, and the personalized logging and daily tracking functions of the My ND section help visitors select the best foods to match their individual diets.

In addition, the site's contributing nutrition specialists cover topics ranging from dieting and weight loss to diabetes and heart health. With powerful proprietary ratings such as a Fullness Factor™ and Caloric Ratio Pyramid™, Nutrition Data provides the most accurate and comprehensive nutritional information on the Web. offers the tools you need to help you make better choices.